We teach that the human body is self-healing and self-sustaining. It is our birth right to enjoy quality health for as long as we live. We show you how to do it � in plain language.

Our Purpose

This is achieved through:

Education - providing basic information on disease prevention and;
Counselling - helping people find the answer to their health problems.


Such As Climbing Mountains at Age 60,� OR

Playing with Grand Children All Day Long,� OR

Do The Things You Want Without Physical Limitation / Disability.

You �Will �Know �The �TRUTH, �And �the TRUTH �will �set �you �FREE

WHY AM I DOING ALL THIS ? . . . . Here Is My Story........


I was dying in 1999, from profuse nosebleed, constriction & spasm of the entire gastro-intestinal system, muscle wasting & cramps, extreme chills, brain retardation, and breathlessness. Weight dropped from 165 lbs to 112 lbs (in 1999).

Went for a �merry-go-round� treatment with 24 medical doctors/specialists, plus another 12 alternative doctors. All together, I had seen at least 36 of them.

They decided to commit me to a psychiatrist, because they could not find any CAUSE that led to my rapid, life-threatening degeneration. Please click here to see the following documents:
1. List of Doctors consulted 2. Description of Symptoms 3. Letter to a Psychiatrist.

I don�t need you �Miserable Comforters� anymore. From now onwards, I will trust God to guide me to find a way out. I am going to �doctor� myself and turn the whole world upside down for information. There has to be a CAUSE for my critical condition.

Finally, after much painful research, asking, seeking, and knocking, I discovered the Cause. It was DENTAL MERCURY POISONING. Yes, the �silver fillings� that dentists use to fill up the cavities in our teeth. I had 19 of them, and they were well maintained too !!. They call it amalgam. Just ask any Chemist, and they will shudder at the word MERCURY.

Having been �imprisoned� at home for� about 4 years, I am now being restored and I desire to reach out to people with the message: YOU DON�T NEED TO BE SICK. This, I have been doing since I got back on track many years ago.


A Healthy Man Has Many Wishes
A Sick Man Has Only ONE WISH.�

I wish you Peace, Health and Happiness, as you journey with me on this
road to pursue optimal wellness � mind, emotion, spirit, and body.